About Us

A Little About How We Started

The MiniFigClub is run by Jorran Beebe (a fellow AFOL) after realizing there is such a huge LEGO® toy market out there. This was realized after Christmas last year when his children received about 22 boxes of them for presents. They ranged from Star Wars to LEGO® Friends.


So, the idea popped into his head (as many often do), why not set up a LEGO® MiniFig Toy website? Then another idea popped into his head, why not make it a subscription service so the LEGO® Community Fans could get new MiniFigs every single month delivered directly to their doorstep?


After some investigation (a couple months). We found out that MiniFigs are a pretty happening thing with children and adults alike. From major collectors to just your average fan that wants to play with them. We even saw at one point, a company that used MiniFigs as their business cards, just like the LEGO® Execs do – how awesome is that!


Finally after searching, investigating, calling, Skyping and even texting, we found a partner who is already in the LEGO® business – just not the same sector as us. And they certainly rock at what they do!


You are probably thinking – why not just go to LEGO® and get you some MiniFigs directly from them, right? Sure you could go on their website, search for MiniFigs (easier said that done) and then purchase some of the newer models at a decent price, one by one. The problem is, you can’t buy retired products from LEGO® directly! Say you are looking for a Series 16 MiniFig – they are retired from their website. So your next option is eBay or Amazon, right? Good luck finding a decent price, those markets are over flowing with knock offs or just too expensive. With MiniFigClub.com we hand pick MiniFigs for your subscribed theme…Hand Pick! We don’t have any machines organizing MiniFigs, putting them in boxes and shipping them out – we do this all ourselves to insure you are getting exactly what you are paying for!