Gift Cards for Lego

Gift Cards Now Available!

Finally MiniFig Club gift cards are available for purchase! Give the gift of Lego with just a few simple clicks! You can email the gift card directly to the person receiving it!

We love to shop for other people too, so we figured why not offer a way to send a loved one a one or three month subscription of Lego Minifigs? Sounds great, right? MiniFig gift cards make life easier for most consumers.

Just find the Minifig Gift Card you want to send to someone special (your kid or even a collector will love this) add the gift to your cart, simply check out and fill out who to send the card and they get it directly in their email! Then they can come to our website and purchase whichever Lego MiniFig theme they desire!

Check out our post about 10 of the rarest Lego Minifigs! From solid 14k Gold Boba Fett Minifig to Alfred the Butler, you will find some pretty cool Lego Minifigs!

Just think, the next rare Lego minifig could be in one of our MiniFig Club packages delivered directly to your door! Buy your MiniFig Club gift card and send it to a loved one, close friend or someone who really appreciates Lego Minifigs! It really is that easy!

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