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Gladiator Hulk Smash in Lego Thor Ragnarok Set!

Guess what??

Two Lego sets have been leaked from the new upcoming film Thor Ragnarok! These two sets look pretty awesome! The film already looks pretty amazing and now this is the first time a Thor film has gotten release support from Lego!

Both sets look to be pretty easy builds and the price of each are pretty expensive for what you are actually building. The real thing here is that you get the coolest minifigs included in each set! They are freaking awesome looking! Just look at the Hulk in is gladiator gear!

So, the Battle for Asgard set includes two Berserkers, Valkyrie, Bruce Banner, Thor (with helmet), and an awesome Hela. The build is a ship of some sort. This set will be $49.99. However, the other set is going to be the one people want to buy, the Thor vs Hulk Arena Clash!! This set is made up of a giant wall for Grandmaster to sit on, while Thor and Hulk battle it out! The Gladiator Hulk looks pretty amazing and the set also comes with a Loki and Sakaarian Guard minifig. Looks like you will have to drop about $59.99 for this set – again you are paying for the sweet minifigs!

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